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101 Games of Skill and Strategy

How to Play

Zenn is fun for the whole family, and it’s simple to learn.

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Why Play Zenn?


Throwback classic – no screens needed!

Instant Fun

Super easy to learn – suitable for all ages!


101 different varieties to perfect!

Luckily I’ve got a copy of this game directly from the designer because nobody knows this game in Germany. The components are great and there is a huge amount of unusual game variants that come with the rules (also with asymmetric game-play, that is really unusual for dexterity games). That is real fun!!!

Heiko W.

I lost mine many years ago and went back. The copy I was able to buy was red. Lots of fun. I’ve only ever played 2 versions of the “101” games…. but it has always been fun and quick. 

Josh H.

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