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#1 – Zenn

Players flip a coin. Loser of the flip places a small chip between his own Zenn blocks and behind the Zenn line. He then attempts to shoot (A chip is shot or propelled by a flicking of one’s index finger.) the chip between his opponent’s Zenn blocks into the basket (Fig. 3A). If successful, the player receives 3 points.

This 3 point play is ·called a “Zenn”. If the player fails to score a “Zenn”, his opponent then attempts to shoot a basket from wherever the chip lies. If successful, he receives l point. He receives 3 points if he scores a “Zenn” (a basket that is scored by going between the Zenn blocks). Play continues with players alternating shots until a l or 3 point score is made. The player scored against resumes play by replacing the chip between his Zenn blocks and attempting a “Zenn”, The game ends when a player reaches 10 points (or any agreed-upon score). A player must win by 2 or more points.

Notes: (1) A chip which is partly between your opponent’s Zenn blocks (overlaps the Zenn line – Fig. 3B) and is shot between those blocks into his basket does not count as a “Zenn”. (2) If a player scores against himself, one or three points (shoots his chip into his own basket), he does not shoot again, but rather his opponent then attempts a Zenn from between his Zenn blocks.