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#101 – Marathon Zenn

Player A and Player Beach choose 20 games. Some of Player A’s games may be the same as Player B’s games, but each list of 20 games may not have 2 of the same game. The first game played is the first one on A’s list; the second game played is the first game on B’s list; the third game played is the second game on A’s list; and so on until the 40th game is played (tile 20th game on B’s list). The winner of the game (MARATHON ZENN) is the player who has won more games. In case of a tie, a single game of ZENN (Game 1) will be played to determine the winner. A more strategic way of playing MARATHON ZENN is to use this alternate scoring procedure: The winner of the first game receives 1 point; the winner of the second game receives 2 points, and so on, with the winner of the 40th game played receiving 40 points. Thus, it is strategically wise for a player to list those games in which he is most proficient at the end of his list.