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#19 – Imitation Zenn

This game is played with a single small chip, and the winner of this game will be the player who can successfully imitate his opponent’s shots. Play begins by a player placing the chip anywhere on the board and attempting to shoot the chip into his opponent’s basket. Before the shot is made, however, the player must “call” his shot; i.e. he must declare to his opponent how many ricochets (if any) the chip will make, what sides, corners, and/or blocks it will hit and the order in which the chip will strike these boundaries. If the player, after “calling” his shot, is successful in making the basket, his opponent must then attempt to score a basket by placing the chip on the same original position, and shooting it so that it hits the same sides, etc. If he fails to make the basket or makes the basket but does not successfully imitate the way it was made, he receives a letter “Z”. If the first player did not make a basket or made a basket which was not made the way he called it, the second player may then place the chip anywhere and call his shot. If successful, his opponent must imitate. Whenever a player fails to imitate his opponent’s successful shot, he receives a letter beginning with “Z”, then “E”, “N”, and finally another “N”. If a player is successful in his imitation, he has earned the right to call a shot which his opponent must imitate. The game continues until a player receives the four letters spelling “ZENN”. That player loses the game.