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#51 – David and Goliath Zenn

This game is played with one big chip and one small chip. Players flip a coin. The winner chooses to play with the big chip (Goliath) or the small chip (David). The player with the small chip positions his chip between the Zenn blocks while the big chip is placed in the center circle. The small chip is then shot at the big chip in an attempt to ‘knock the big chip into one of the baskets. After 4 shots by the small chip’s player, the big chip is then shot at the small chip by the other player. This player tries to knock the small chip into either one of the baskets with his big chip. The big chip must succeed in knocking the small chip into the basket 5 times before the small chip succeeds once. If a player should happen to shoot his own chip, into the basket that chip is considered to have been knocked in by his opponent. In summary, the player with the small chip gets 4 shots for every one shot that the big chip’s player gets. The small chip must be sunk 5 times before the big chip is sunk once. If this does not happen the small chip’s player wins. Otherwise, the big chip’s player wins. When the small chip is sunk, play continues as at the start of the game. This game may also be played by playing a specified number of rounds, with players at the end of each round trading roles of David and Goliath.