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#53-54 – Trap Zenn 1 – 2

#53 – Trap Zenn 1

This game is played with 3 big chips and 1 small chip. Players flip a coin, winner choosing to be the trapper (3 big chips) or the fugitive (1 small chip). Play starts with 3 big chips anywhere on the trapper’s Zenn line and the small chip in the center circle. Shooting first, the trapper has 15 shots to trap the little chip in either of the backcourt zones (areas behind the Zenn lines – 3 and 4 point sections by either basket) (Fig. 21A). The big chips are shot with the intention of hitting the little chip into a backcourt zone. The trapper may shoot 1, 2, or all 3 of his chips on a turn. He may not shoot the same chip twice on the same turn. Whenever the small chip is knocked into a backcourt zone (entirely), the fugitive must use his turn (after the trapper has used his turn) to shoot the small chip out of the backcourt zone (partially out of the zone is acceptable). The fugitive has only one shot per turn. If on this shot he hits a big chip which lies at least partially in the backcourt zone in which the small chip lies, or if he fails to shoot out of the zone (at least partially), then he loses the game, i.e., he is “trapped”. If the player with the small chip shoots his chip into either basket he is also “trapped” and loses. If the trapper fails to trap the small chip in 15 shots or less, or if he knocks the small chip into either one of the baskets, he loses. If one of the big chips is sunk it is placed in the center circle. If the fugitive shoots out of one backcourt zone into another, he is not trapped (Fig. 21B); but if he shoots from a backcourt zone off the board, he is trapped.

Note: If a big chip knocks the small chip off the board, the small chip is placed in the center circle and play continues.

#54 – Trap Zenn 2

The game is played like TRAP ZENN 1, but players alternate being the trapper and the fugitive. The game is not stopped if the fugitive is not trapped within 15 shots. Play continues until the fugitive is trapped. Players then switch roles. The player taking the fewer number of shots to trap his opponent is the winner.

Note: If a big chip knocks the small chip into a basket the small chip is placed in the center circle, and 5 additional shots are added to the offender’s total number of shots.