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#57 – Hot Hand Zenn

The game is played with 4 small chips. One player places a small chip between his Zenn blocks and attempts a “Zenn”. If unsuccessful he removes the chip from the board. He goes through the same process with the other 3 chips. All successful “Zenns” are left in the basket. His first round is over after he shoots the 4 chips. The same player now takes the chips that he did not sink in his first round and attempts to score “Zenns” with these chips (or chip). All unsuccessful “Zenns” are removed from the board while all successful “Zenns” are left in the basket. If there are still some chips that need to be “Zenned”, round 3 is played in a similar fashion to the first 2 rounds. The process continues until all of the chips are “Zenned”. The number of rounds it takes to “Zenn” all of the chips is the player’s score. Now it is the other player’s turn. He likewise goes through the same process. The player with the lowest score wins. Thus, it pays to have a “hot hand” and sink your 4 small chips early in the game. Chips which go off the board are shot again in the next round from between the Zenn blocks. The game can also be played with 5, 6, 7, or 8 small chips.