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#58-60 – Hockey Zenn 1 – 3

#58 – Hockey Zenn 1

Each player places 2 big chips near his basket (goal) and a third big chip on the center line between the “E” and the “N” (3 red chips are used by one player while 3 blue are used by the other.). A small chip (the puck) is placed in the center circle (Fig. 23). The player who starts the game (determined by a flip of a coin) attempts to shoot the small chip (puck) into his opponent’s basket (goal). He may hit the big chips. Players alternate shots either attempting to make a “goal” on his opponent or attempting to reposition his defensemen (the big chips). A player may propel the small chip by hitting it with a big chip. If a big chip is knocked into a basket or off the board it is removed from play until a goal is scored. If a big chip overlaps the basket (See Fig. 16), the player may use his turn to shoot his other big chips or the small chip. But, if, after his turn, a big chip still overlaps a basket, it must be removed from the board until a goal is scored. After a goal is scored, the player scored upon shoots the small chip from the center circle with the big chips placed as described for the start of the game. The first player to score 10 goals wins, and players must win by 2 goals. Thus, if more than 10 goals are needed to win the game, the game can be considered being sent into overtime. All of the HOCKEY ZENN games are especially suited to being timed, and 3 periods of equal time are suggested.

Note: A “Zenn” goal is worth just 1 goal.

#59 – Hockey Zenn 2

The game is played like HOCKEY ZENN 1, but each ?layer uses 4 large chips. Each player places 2 large chips on either side of his basket and places the other 2 on (must at least touch) his “E” and “N” next to the middle line. The small chip is placed in the center circle (Fig. 24).

#60 – Hockey Zenn 3

The game is played exactly like HOCKEY ZENN 1 or HOCKEY ZENN 2, but a “Zenn” goal is worth 2 goals instead of just one goal.