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#63 – Letter Zenn

The game is played like ZENN, but after a player scores at least 3 points (4 or 5 points if a “Zenn” is scored) he tries to earn a letter by placing the small chip on his own “Z”. His opponent then places a big chip anywhere on his Zenn line and shoots the big chip towards the small chip in order to prevent a direct shot on the basket (Fig. 26). The big chip may hit the small chip, but if it knocks it completely out of the section the large chip is removed from the board and the small chip is placed in the center circle. The player with the small chip then attempts a basket. If successful he obtains the letter “Z”. If unsuccessful the player must again score 3 (4 or 5) points by playing ZENN. When he has again scored 3 points he may again try for a “Z”. He may try for an “E” if he was already successful on his “Z” attempt. Play continues with players alternating shots and then attempting a letter as soon as one has amassed a total of at least 3 points. The first player to obtain the four letters “Z”, “E”, “N”, “N” is the winner.

Note: A player who has gotten 4 or 5 points gets 2 or 3 shots respectively to obtain his letter. If the big chip knocks the small chip into a basket the player automatically receives the letter that the chip was on.