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#65-69 – Reflection Zenn 1 – 5

#65 – Reflection Zenn 1

A small chip is placed in a player’s 4 point section. The player then attempts to sink the chip into the other basket. After the shot his opponent attempts a shot from his 4 point section. It is the first player’s turn again. He places the chip in the 3 point section nearest his basket. He then attempts a basket. His opponent does likewise. Play continues in this fashion with players alternating shots after placing the chip in successive areas on the board. The game ends when both players have taken their 12 shots from the 12 different sections on the board. All baskets are worth 1 point, and the player with greater point total wins.

#66 – Reflection Zenn 2

The game is played like REFLECTION ZENN 1, but points are given according to the point value of the section from which the chip was shot.

#67 – Reflection Zenn 3

The game is played like REFLECTION ZENN 1 or REFLECTION ZENN 2, but if a player misses a shot his opponent may attempt to score a basket from wherever the chip lies after the missed shot. If this shot is successful he receives 1 point. The player then is allowed to take his regular shot from the proper section on the board.

#68 – Reflection Zenn 4

The game is played like REFLECTION ZENN 1, 2 or 3, but thrice the point value will be given if a basket is made by way of a “Zenn”.

#69 – Reflection Zenn 5

The game is played like REFLECTION ZENN 1, 2, 3 or 4, but if a “Zenn” is made the player may shoot again from the same section. Thus, by “Zenning” a player maintains possession of the chip. However, he is allowed only 3 consecutive “Zenns” from any one section before yielding possession.