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#73-75 – War Zenn 1 – 3

#73 – War Zenn 1

The game is played with 8 small chips and 2 big chips. Each player’s king (the big chip) is placed behind the Zenn line closest to one’s own basket (3 and 4 point sections – the king’s castle). The other 4 small chips are placed on the four ZENN letters closest to one’s basket (Fig. 28). The object of the game is to knock your opponent’s entire army (the If small chips) into either one of the baskets. If the king is knocked into a basket the game is over, and the army whose king went into the basket is the loser. If the king leaves his “castle” (3 or 4 point section by the basket) the opponent receives an extra shot, and the next shot by the offender must be one that shoots the king back into the “castle”. If a player fails to shoot his king back into the “castle” he must try again on his next turn, and he must continue to try until he is successful.

Note: A king may be shot only as indicated above; or if an opponent’s chip is in his castle, the king may attempt to sink that chip.

#74 – War Zenn 2

The game is played like WAR ZENN 1, but the king may leave his “castle” and may be utilized in knocking large or smaller chips into the baskets.

#75 – War Zenn 3

The game is played like WAR ZENN 1 or WAR ZENN 2, but the game is not over until all of the opponent’s pieces (army and king) are in the baskets.