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#76-77 – Basketball Zenn 1 – 2

#76 – Basketball Zenn 1

A player places a small chip behind his own basket and attempts to shoot it past the center line (Fig. 29A). The opponent then places a big chip anywhere on his Zenn line or baseline, or between them (See THE PLAYING BOARD) and shoots the big chip towards the small chip without hitting it out of the section in which it lies (Fig. 29B). If the small chip is past the center line, the player shooting the small chip may then attempt a basket worth 2 points (even if it b “Zenned”). If the small chip does not land in the opponent’s basket, the opponent then shoots the small chip (after removing the big chip from the board) past the center line, and the other player then gets to use his big defensive chip in the same manner described above. After a basket is scored the chip is placed behind the basket of the one scored against, and play continues. A player making his first shot from behind his basket may not use the corner blocks for ricocheting. Whenever the small chip hits the big chip, or the big chip knocks the small chip out of a section, a foul is called and the player fouled against (player whose chip was hit) is awarded 2 foul shots. A foul shot is made by placing the chip behind the center line and shooting it between the Zenn blocks into the basket. One point is awarded for each successful foul shot. When the small chip hits the big chip, the 2 foul shots are attempted immediately thereafter. When the big chip hits the small chip out of a section, the player with the small chip may still attempt a basket from where the small chip lies, with the big chip remaining on the board. If, on this attempt, the small chip hits the big chip, no foul or basket is allowed. After this attempt, whether successful or not, he may then take his 2 foul shots. An exception to these rules occurs when the big chip hits the small chip, at least partially, on either “Z” or either “N” closest to a side bumper. If this happens, a “stolen ball” occurs, the big chip is removed, and the player who shot the big chip may then attempt to score a basket, even if the small chip is behind the center line. If a basket is not made, this shot is treated as a first shot in attempting to cross the center line as described above. If one shoots the small chip onto one of these “stolen ball” letters, he also loses possession, and his opponent may attempt a basket. If a player shoots a small chip on either “E” or either “N” closest to the center circle, he maintains possession of the chip. His opponent, however, is allowed to shoot I big chip for each successful “pass”.

Notes: If a player fails to cross the center line on his first shot, his opponent may shoot .?. big chips. Following this, a basket may be attempted. If a basket is made on a player’s first shot from behind the center line (except on a “stolen ball”) his opponent receives 2 points. Also, a player, on his first shot, may attempt a basket if the small chip is past the center line. A big chip which “lips” the basket must be removed (Fig. 16). Finally, if a big chip knocks the small chip into either basket two points are awarded to the offended player, and he also is given 2 foul shots.

#77 – Basketball Zenn 2

The game is played like BASKETBALL ZENN 1, but 3 point plays can be made by scoring from the center circle on shots other than foul shots.