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#78-82 – Rebound Zenn 1 – 5

#78 – Rebound Zenn 1

The game is played with 1 big chip and 1 small chip. A player begins the game by shooting his big chip from the center line and rebounding it off the back bumper by his opponent’s basket attempting to make it stop on the center line (Fig. 30). If successful, the player then places the small chip in the center circle and attempts to make a “Zenn” (Fig. 10). One point is received for a successful “Zenn”. A player’s turn continues until he fails to make the big chip stop on the center line. When a player’s turn is over his opponent goes through the same procedure (i.e. takes his turn). The game is over after each player has had 10 turns.

#79 – Rebound Zenn 2

The game is played like REBOUND ZENN I, but after a player has made a successful rebound he has the option of either trying for a “Zenn” or a bank shot from the center circle. A “Zenn” counts as 3 points, and a bank shot (shot ricocheted off the sides) counts as 1 point.

#80 – Rebound Zenn 3

The game is played like REBOUND ZENN 1, but two big chips are used. The second big chip is used to try for the point from the center circle (by way of a bank shot) instead of the small chip (Fig. 31).

#81 – Rebound Zenn 4

The game is played like REBOUND ZENN 2 or 3, but a defensive chip (a big chip) may be employed by the opponent. The opponent places his defensive chip anywhere on his Zenn line and shoots it towards the small chip (big chip if playing REBOUND ZENN 3) in an attempt to prevent an easy shot by the player attempting to score a basket (Fig. 32).

Note: A defensive chip is used only after a successful rebound shot’ has been made. The chips may hit each other with no penalty resulting. However, if the defensive chip knocks the other chip into a basket, 5 points are awarded to the player whose chip was knocked into the basket.

#82 – Rebound Zenn 5

The game is played like REBOUND ZENN 1, 2, 3 or If, but the player shooting the large chip for the rebound must call which of the 3 lines (center line or either of the 2 Zenn lines) he will make his large chip stop on. If he successfully calls his opponent’s Zenn line (Fig. 33A), he receives the normal amount of points if successful on his second shot for a basket. If he successfully calls the center line (See Fig. 30 above), he receives twice. the normal amount of points if he is successful on his second shot for the basket. If he calls the third line (his own Zenn line) (Fig. 33B) and is successful with his rebound and his following shot, he receives 3 times the normal amount of points.