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#94-96 – Strategy Zenn 1 – 3

#94 – Strategy Zenn 1

This game is played with the 8 small chips. They are placed on the 8 letters on the board with the colors alternated (Fig. 38). The player using the 4 red chips shoots first. One point is awarded to the player who shoots his chip into his opponent’s basket while 2 points are received if the chip enters the cup by going through the Zenn blocks. Players alternate shots, but a player may not shoot a chip if it is not lying on a line or a letter. If the player with the red chips has all of his chips off lines and letters then his opponent will be the only one allowed to shoot, unless one of the red chips is knocked back onto a line or a letter (Fig. 39) (The same rule applies for the player with the blue chips.). Also, if a chip is not shot onto a new line or a new letter it may not be shot again (unless it is knocked onto a new line or a new letter by another chip). This rule prevents one from “edging” his chip down the middle line towards his opponent’s basket. It is usually good strategy to knock your opponent off the middle line if he is in good “Zenning” position. Remember, if your chip fails to stop on a new line or a new letter it may not be shot again. But, it may be worth the gamble to try to knock your opponent off a line (or a letter). The scoring is done in this fashion. After a round (a round is over when neither player can shoot any more chips), the points are determined by subtracting the lower score from the higher score (i.e. If Player A scored 5 points and Player B scored 3 points, Player A would receive 2 points for that round). If both players scored the same amount of points then both would receive 0 points for that round. The game is over when one player receives 10 or more points.

Note: If a chip is sunk in one’s own basket or if it is shot off the board, it remains out of play for that round.

#95 – Strategy Zenn 2

This game is played the same as STRATEGY ZENN 1, but instead of playing up to 10 points, 5 or 10 rounds are played.

#96 – Strategy Zenn 3

This game is played like STRATEGY ZENN 1 or 2, but a chip may be shot again only if it stops on a letter (not a line). “Zenns” count for 3 points.