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#97-98 – Rebound Corner Zenn 1 – 2

#97 – Rebound Corner Zenn 1

The game uses 4 small chips. Start by placing a small chip on your Zenn line and shoot toward your opponent’s left corner block. The object is to make the chip ricochet oft the two opposite corner blocks and come to rest back into your basket (Fig. 40A). You receive 10 points for “Zenning” (Fig. 40B). 5 points for shooting the chip into your basket, If points if the chip comes to rest entirely in your If point section, 3 points if it comes to rest in the 3 point section by your basket, 2 points if it stops in your “E” or “N” zone (2 point section), 1 point if it stops in your “Z” or “N” zone (3 point section) (Fig. 40C). Chips which overlap one or more sections receive the lesser point value. No points are given for chips which stop between the center line and the opponent’s Zenn line. The 4 chips are shot consecutively, and any chip may bump any previously shot chip into a higher scoring section or into the basket. If a chip does not hit the right corner block it is removed from the board for that round.

Penalties: A 4-point penalty is given if you shoot the chip into your opponent’s basket (If points are subtracted from your score). A 2 point penalty is given if your chip fails to go past your opponent’s Zenn line (Fig. 40D). This chip is then removed from the board. Player A shoots his 4 chips and tallies his score. Player A’s chips are then removed from the board, and Player B goes through the same procedure. One round is over when both players have shot their 4 chips. The player with the highest score after 10 rounds is the winner. The game can also be played up to 100 points. For an easier game shots may originate from the center line instead of one’s Zenn line (Fig. 40E).

#98 – Rebound Corner Zenn 2

The game is played like REBOUND CORNER ZENN 1, but, instead of one player first shooting his four chips and then the other player shooting his four, players alternate snots (i.e. Player A shoots then Player B shoots etc.). Thus, at the end of the game there could be 8 small chips on the board. Remember a chip is to be removed if it is in the minus-2-point zone.

Note: Both players shoot at the same corner block.