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Introduction & The Basics


ZENN and its 100 related games are games of both skill and strategy. A minimum amount of chance dictates the winner in these games; the one with the superior skill will usually come out the winner. As in any game of skill the more you practice the more profiCient you will become. The beauty of this compilation of games is that it offers a variety of challenges to both the real game lover and the casual competitor. It is interesting to note that while there are 101 different games to play, there are many, many more combinations of games you can play. This is due to the variations one can obtain by combining different types of games. For example, our 101st game – Marathon Zenn – offers you more games than you can play in your entire lifetime! This is due to the combinational nature of the game. One surprising fact is that, if you could play every sing[e combination at a rate of one every second, the world would end before you could finish all the combinations! So, pick your most favorite games and play them. Have fun!

Playing Pieces

Eight large chips (It blue and 4 red) and eight small chips (It blue and 4 red) are the playing pieces.

Technique of Play

Before any of the games are played you may wish to practice shooting the chips. The most effective way of shooting or propelling the chips is to use your index finger (or any other finger which may feel more comfortable) in a flicking motion (Fig. 1A). For shorter shots a slight bump applied to the chip may be more effective (Fig. 1B).

The Playing Board

Basic Rules of Play

The following rules are to be applied to all games unless otherwise indicated:
1) Players alternate shots.
2) The chip is to be shot from where it lies on the board. If the chip is against a side, block, or corner (or on it), one may place the tip of the finger on top of the chip in order to propel it. This is the only time “top shooting” is allowed.
3) A chip which is shot off .the board is to be placed in the center circle (Fig. 2).
4) Before each game a player decides which basket (cup) he will be shooting for, i.e. the basket he will attempt to sink the chip into. His opponent, for the duration of the game, will shoot for the other basket.
5) “Zenns” count as 3 points unless otherwise stated (See Game 1 – ZENN for meaning of “Zenn”.).