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Zenn Board Game

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7 reviews for Zenn Board Game

  1. Derek R

    The thing that I find fun about this game is not the ‘rules’ but the game board itself. It is a well built, sturdy board that is something like a mini-hockey field with some barriers on it and a hole on each end for the ‘goal’. You play the various ‘games’ by flicking what amounts to poker chips. The rules are slight variants on different ‘sports’ or games of skill. It reminds me of what I used to call “flicker” when I was younger. In Junior High, in Industrial Arts, we made similar boards made out of plexi-glass and wooden edges. We used nickels as the ‘pucks’. That is mostly what I do with this, play “flicker hockey”. But the rule book does give many variants to tinker with. It is more a toy than a game to me, but I like to play with it now and then with my daughter, or even alone.

  2. Xander F.

    Well, it’s a skill/reflex game. I have fond memories playing this as a child at my grandparent’s house..

  3. Matches

    I spent hours playing this game at high school after class. Good times; I was one of the top 5 ranked players in my high school’s Zenn League back in my day.

  4. Luap

    Excellent game of manual dexterity and strategy.

  5. Josh C.

    I got mine many years ago. They copy I was able to buy was red. Lots of fun. I’ve only ever played 2 versions of the “101” games…. but it has always been fun and quick.

  6. Bogey B.

    This is an excellent simplistic throwback type of game! Actually, 101 different games can be played on this single board. It is great for family parties/tournaments as a single game may take only a couple of minutes. This game is quite popular in the Cleveland, OH area as the creator was a math teacher in that city and many schools had a board in the classrooms. I have never seen this game brought out and someone NOT enjoy it. At the very least, it is a fun little activity to shoot the ZENN chips around the board even if you aren’t necessarily playing one of the official games. I have had the board for over 30 years, and I still have yet to play all of the 101 games… it is on my to-do list! I LOVE ZENN!

  7. Heiko W.

    Luckily I’ve got a copy of this game directly from the designer because nobody knows this game in Germany. The components are great and there is a huge amount of unusual game variants that come with the rules (also with asymmetric game-play, that is really unusual for dexterity games). That is real fun!!!

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