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Team Zenn (Four Players)

Team Zenn is played with 4 players, two on Team A and two on Team B. Four single Zenn games (Game 1) are played: Player A1 plays Player B1, A2 plays B2, A1 plays B2, and A2 plays B1. Each player contributes to his team the points he scored in his singles Zenn game. However, the winner of a singles game receives 3 extra points. Thus, if A1 defeated B1 by a score of 10 to 7, Team A would receive 13 points (10 + 3) and Team B would get 7 points for that particular singles game. After the four singles games are played one doubles game is played. A doubles game consists of the players (all 4) alternating shots i.e. A1, B1, A2, B2, etc. Regular Zenn rules apply, and the game is timed for 5 minutes. The winner of the doubles game receives 5 extra points. Thus, if Team A won 56 to 44, Team A would be credited with 61 points (56 + 5). The winner of the entire Team Zenn Match is determined by adding up the points of the 4 singles games (including the 3 points extra for winning) and the points of the doubles game (including the 5 points extra for winning).

Note: Many of the other games can be adapted to four players in a similar manner.