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Zenn is Fun Smiley


The Zenn is Fun smiley was created during the manufacturing of the Zenn game in the early 1980’s. Before the white playing surface could be attached to the body of the Zenn game, holes needed to be cut out of both ends where the two cups were. The game’s inventor, Vince Benander, thought it would be a waste to just throw those excess pieces away, so he designed two smiley faces on those areas to be cut so that they could be given to prospective customers as gifts/souvenirs. The smiley faces had an adhesive backing on them, as well, so people could use them as stickers. The smiley face on one end said, “ZENN IS FUN” (the name of this web site), while the other side’s smiley said, “I LOVE ZENN”.

Zenn is proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A. and is guaranteed for life!